Letter from a parent - King’s College School, Wimbledon

‘My son spent two years at KS having won a KSEF award after he left his primary school Christ Church. KS gave him a platform to excel academically whilst also offering a friendly environment for him to flourish, be himself and also develop his emotional intelligence, it also taught him very important values that he still holds today. That is why we are extremely grateful for the support provided by the KSEF Trustees. Having gained 7 A*s and 3As in GCSEs, he is currently undergoing his A levels at King’s College Wimbledon where is really enjoying his time.’

Letter from a parent - St Catherine’s School, Twickenham

‘Our daughter was at KS for two years having won a KSEF award when she left Primary School. KS gave her outstanding help and support, but also great friendships and an amazing education which has aided her massively as her new school, which we are extremely grateful for to the support given by the KSEF Trustees. She is now at St Catherine’s, Twickenham, where she is currently studying 10 GCSE’s and focusing on charities who she can help, and looking to go back to KS for a work experience, and also to spend some more time with the people and with the environment that got her to the successful place she is now. We are beyond grateful and happy for all KS has done for us.’

Thank you ever so much.

Letter from one of our bursary students - King Edward’s School

Before anything else, I would like to express my gratitude to the bursars and charities who have given me this incredible opportunity. Throughout my time here at King Edwards, I’ve had highs and I’ve had lows, but in the famous words of Rocky Balboa ‘it’s not how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward’. So in my opinion, my greatest achievement at King Edwards is the sense of resilience I’ve built throughout the years. KS has built me in several different ways and my journey here has made me a more rounded individual, who has learned that life isn’t a straight road, there are twists and turns, to which we must adapt to. I’ve also found success on the football pitch. Participating in the football team who won the U16 ESFA National Small Schools Cup, another journey in which I learnt a great deal about myself. My skills in art have also increased, which resulted in a high A, a few marks off an A* in GCSEs. During the summer I also took part in the NCS Challenge, in which I was a team director and received the TLC award (teamwork, leadership and communication). Bronze and Silver DofE polished my orienteering ability and I, together with my team, completed that with no real difficulty thankfully. I was also recently appointed chapel prefect for Grafton, a responsibility in which I work with the Chaplin, Father David, to prepare the chapel for service. Overall my journey at KS has matured me a great deal and in which I’ve made life-long friends.
Thank you.

Letter from a parent - King’s College School, Wimbledon

My son is doing extremely well at KCS. It’s all very positive and he is really happy. He is in the top set for everything and has even won a prize for overall modern languages!
He is keeping very very busy as he does rowing five times a week.. some indoors (ergos) and some on water .. coupled with that he has lots of homework each evening, etc .. For his community project, once a week on Fridays, he also goes to teach Latin at a local senior school.
I am most grateful and appreciative of the chance given to T to study at KS, it’s been a real privilege.
I still remember your first phone call to me offering T a place at KS! Thank you from the bottom of my heart in believing and recognising T’s talent.

Video update: February 2021

December 2020 - A KSEF Bursary Student

This is a short clip of one KSEF’s bursary students, Gvantsa Gvazabia, a well rounded and enthusiastic musician who plays the piano, the violin, plays in the school’s string ensemble and sings in the choir.